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IDLA is the only distributor to be established by a diverse group of independent labels.

Twenty leading independent labels founded IDLA in 2007 to provide independent labels and artists efficient and economic digital asset delivery to digital music services, and royalty collection and administration through an organization whose financial interests are directly aligned with its independent artists and label members. Today IDLA remains 100% independent owned and is not affiliated with any major label affiliated distribution companies, private equity groups, or tech companies.

What we offer


We offer our clients global digital distribution & performance rights administration, as well as physical distribution though our partners Amped/AEC in the US, Fontana North in Canada, Proper Distribution in the UK, Alive! Distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Karonte in Spain, Socadisc in France, MGM in Australia, and through our network of non-exclusive partners in all other territories.


IDLA charges competitive  fees and we pay quarterly. IDLA is owned by independent labels, as rights holders like you our interests are aligned with artists and independent label owners.


IDLA is owned by some of the most respected independent labels who release many must have artists, so the music being distributed is associated with the best new releases and has a better chance of being featured by digital platforms. We only accept as clients those artists and labels that meet a professional level of development, and have engaged fans, touring base or international following.​​

Get More of What's Yours

There is no up-front fee. IDLA delivers to, administers and collect royalties from digital services, and provides clients a quarterly statement that can be cut/pasted to account to individual artists and producers. IDLA will collect on behalf of it's members royalties arising from the activities of MERLIN, the global independent rights collective, and advocate on behalf of IDLA clients in the fair distribution of MERLIN proceeds.

IDLA advocates on behalf of its members and all independent labels for fair treatment in the areas of neighboring rights, private copying and other uses of recordings for which remuneration is governed by a local copyright board.

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