The Independent Digital Licensing Agency

Better music from smarter labels

IDLA is the first digital distributor to be established that is owned by a wide representation of independent labels and distributors.

Twenty leading independent labels organized IDLA — The Independent Digital Licensing Agency — to provide independent labels and artists more efficient and economic digital asset delivery to digital music services, royalty collection and administration through an organization whose financial interests are directly aligned with its independent artists and label members. IDLA is 100% independent owned — we are not affiliated in any way with any of the major label affiliated distribution companies.

IDLA associated label distribution

IDLA is now pleased to announce that we are offering our clients global physical distribution, though our physical distribution partners E1 in North America, Proper Distribution in the UK, Alive! Distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Bertus Distribution in Europe, MGM in Australia, and through our network of non-exclusive partners in all other territories.


IDLA charges all its members the same administration fee 9%, and we pay royalties out monthly. Other aggregators don’t disclose what they charge because they charge some of their members more than others. Are you paying a higher fee than 80% of their other members? Waiting longer to get paid? Is your current aggregator negotiating the best royalty terms with the digital services, or just taking whatever deal is offered so they can use the service brand to market for new members? IDLA is widely owned by independent labels, as rights holders like you we care deeply about the royalty rate they are getting, and with IDLA you get the same royalty rates as the IDLA label owners. This is why we choose not to make available our repertoire to certain digital services who we feel are offering substandard or exploitive terms. Our members’ music is worth it.

Check the facts and what you are paying. Other aggregators list hundreds of digital retailers – how many do they actually service directly? For example, one digital service – MusicNet runs the back end for multiple digital store fronts. Your music may be going through several aggregators before it finally gets to the customer, and you may only be getting a very small fraction once all the middlemen have taken their cut.

Be part of the select few, associate with the best

How many independent tracks are being delivered to the digital services along with your new release? If your new album is arriving in a folder along with 300 in a catalog of a million other unknown independent artists, good luck getting any visibility, and just because your track is available to digital services, doesn’t guarantee they will make it available. Because IDLA is owned by some of the most respected independent labels who release many must have artists, your music is being delivered with the best, and has a better chance of being featured by the digital service. The IDLA label prepaid digital delivery fee ensures only labels and artists that are serious about marketing music are made available to digital services through us – and digital services know this.

More options

Don’t have your music lost in a crowd of unknowns – arrive with the leading independent label artists label releases.

Choose those digital services that you want, opt out of services where you have direct deals or territories where you have assigned digital rights.

Set territorial restrictions. Some aggregators don’t have the ability to set territories, making it impossible to set different release dates and potentially losing international licensing opportunities.

Who we are

Geoff Kulawick — Executive Director
David Cox — Content Manager
Fraser Secret — Financial Manager
Joe Bartok — Finance & Administration